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Pneumatic Actuators

Wald Engineering’s ISO Certified Cylinders are designed to meet the international standard laid down by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). As long as the standard number is identical, the mounting sizes are applicable worldwide. Our certification: 

  • ISO 6432; Series MI
  • ISO 15552; Series SAI, SGC, SE
  • ISO 21287; Series ACE

Types of Cylinders Used: 

  • Compact Cylinder
  • Mini Cylinder 
  • Twin, Tri-Rod Cylinder
  • Rodless Cylinder
  • Rotary Cylinder
  • Tie Rod Standard Cylinder
  • Air Grippers

Standard Cylinders

Mini Cylinders

Compact Cylinders

Slide Table Cylinders

Twin-rod & Trid-Rod Cylinders

Rodless Magnetic Cylinders

Air Grippers

Rotary Table Cylinders

Mini Multi-Mount, Free Mount Cylinders

Clamp Cylinders

Rotary Clamp Cylinders

Pin Clamp Cylinders

Cylinder Accessories

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