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Jigs & Fixtures

Jigs & fixtures are utilized to reduce operating expenses and increase production efficiency. Our in-house team of qualified engineers designs and supplies jigs and fixtures according to our client’s specifications.

These Are Our



Design Department

We specialized in the design and development process of various applications for the automotive, optoelectronics, aerospace, and medical industry. The journey commences with our customer’s initial ideation and we work closely to identifying the requirements and goals. 

  • Mechanical components and assemblies
  • Stamping and bending tools
  • Assembling, holding, and inspecting fixtures
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric devices

We offer our customers scanning and reversal engineering capabilities. Not forgetting maintenance and repair services. 


Positioning Fixtures

Our Jigs & Fixtures applications are extensively produced for automotive, aerospace, or other comparable industries. Our methods: 

  • Transportation
  • Manipulation
  • Positioning
  • Locating
  • Assembling
Postioning Jigs

Holding Fixtures

Mechanical or hydraulic fixtures is implemented for our automotive customers to secure castings or forgings throughout machining procedures. We provide fixtures for turned and milled components with further functions like: 

  • Poka-yoke
  • Clamping confirmation
  • Air-Sensor
  • Other additional functions

Customization on specific dimensions is available and we recommend a holding plan with the embodiment of optimal number and sequences of fixtures and their clamping capabilities. 

Each fixture is accompanied by detailed project documentation describing e.g.:

  • Number and layout of channels
  • Hydraulic plan
  • BOM with manufactured and purchased parts

Inspection Fixtures

For the final stage of the production, we re-position the assembly with: 

  • Mechanical jigs and fixtures using gauges and go/no go passes to establish conformity or non-conformity with drawing dimensions and tolerance
  • Mechatronic inspection stations
  • Jigs and fixtures for coordinate measuring machines where the specifications is verified by tactile probe measurement

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