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Automated Chemical Solutions

We have extensive experience in delivering automated solutions to the Chemical Industry. We do best in covering the entire life cycle of the development by the inclusion of modern fittings, rebuilds, and services. The wide field of the chemical process ranges from manageable yet perpetual manner to obscure batch method including recipe restrictions and automatic grade adjustments with safety implying the primary priority.


  • Integrated automation and information management systems
  • Safety interlocking systems interfaced to the automation system
  • Process history data, process operation, and product tracking
  • Batch processes


  • High automation and production process availability
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Easy repeatability of process operations
  • Open system structure
  • Reliability
  • Scalable for further extensions
  • Life cycle services close to the customers

Our Specialization

360 Development

We plan the entire cycle process of Automated Solutions for the Chemical Industry.


We re-construct for extensive repairs and remodel existing products based on your requirements.


We provide post production services with in-house training upon request.

Applications Integrated

Customization robotics solution for industrial factories

Valued-Added Products

PLC Control


Metal Fabrication

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