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Cleaning Solutions

Wald Engineering specializes in industrial equipment cleaning, degreasing, and sanitation tasks in a variety of industries. Our team evaluates, designs, manufactures and performs quality inspection during delivery, acceptance, and we render after-sales services. We customize our machines to the highest-end inline washing systems. Ultimately, accommodating our customer’s needs.



Hot Air Cleaning

  • Effectively in cleaning and degreasing
  • Reduces usage of water
  • Eliminates the use of solvents, acid baths & other chemical
  • Mobile unit or custom-tailored systems for Inline hot air cleaning during production

Cleaning and sanitization in the industry of:

  • Food Conveyor & Packaging Line
  • Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic
  • Molds, Jigs & Fixture
  • Public Transporation, Hospital, Kitchen

Live demonstration available upon request at your production chain


High Pressure Spray

  • Cleaning and drying equipped with oil-water separating system
  • To remove dirt, sand, oil, dirt, etc
  • Available washing in a fixed position, external rotating
  • High pressure up to 20Mpa
  • The automatic control system of PLC, intellectual memory system workpiece counting
  • Automatic door for inlet and outlet

Application includes: 

  • Machinery part
  • Automotive Engine Cylinder Block, Cover
  • Rubber Industry
  • Plastic Container

Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • Available single basket, semi-auto and fully auto type
  • Ultrasonic capacity, tank, and basket size can be designed according to your requirements
  • Automated type is suit for washing, rinsing, and drying
  • Output Power ranging in watts from 50W to 1800W on request
  • Frequency is available in 20kHz, 28kHz, 40kHz, 50kHz, 68kHz, 80kHz, 130kHz, 170kHz

Industrial Chemical

  • Effectively and low cost
  • To remove dirt, rust, and scale deposits
  • Applicable for Ferrous Metal, Plastic, Concrete
  • Water-based concentrate cleaner
  • Dilution with water

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