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Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems are a common item of automated handling tools that transfers elements from one location to another. Conveyor systems concede quick and efficient carriers for a wide assortment of materials, which makes them very widespread in the material administration and packaging industries. We manufacture and offer our very own roller conveyor systems for the industrial area.



Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyors can work with virtually any material which can be placed on the belt and which leaves the conveyor belt at the exit. Conveyor sections may be of various types or combinations of types such as: 

  • Various shapes and equipment
  • Structure

Roller Conveyor

The basic parameters of conveyors (width, height, roller pitch) always depend on the size, shape, and quantity of transported objects:

Driven Roller Conveyors

  • Chain loops from roller to roller
  • Continuous tangential chain
  • Round / flat tangential belt
  • Belt loops – circle / toothed belt

Non – Driven Roller Conveyors (Gravity)

  • Light modules of gravity roller conveyors without drive, designed for manual handling of lump goods.
  • They are often used as gravity sections in larger lines

Chain Conveyor

  • Designed with two, three, or more chains
  • Serves as transportation of lump materials in a horizontal direction
  • Pallets or technological support plates with transported material may lay directly on chains connected firmly with the chain carriers.

Link Belt Conveyor

  • Conveyors with plastic modular belts
  • For transport of light and medium heavy goods in various industries
  • High flexibility by rebuilding lines to other shapes, easy maintenance

Types of link belts:

  • Modular, Plate, Stic

Flexible Conveyor

  • Built rugged and designed to be flexible, and expandable as required.
  • The conveyor system of choice in shipping and receiving operations, suited for shipping and receiving, packaging, and production.
  • Available in a variety of widths, adjustable heights and lengths, custom sizes, and modifications
  • Longer lengths are available by combining these units together.

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