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Automated Steel Solutions

Steel industries ought to have a high demand for robust and high-quality operations. WALD Engineering provides automation systems that are competent in boosting productivity whilst being capable to endure the high requirements of the industry.

WALD Engineering produces high torque and precision control by servo motor and AC/DC motor drive, motor starter board, PLC control system for automation of steel manufacturing processes as well as weighbridge systems for incoming and outgoing of steel materials from the factory.

The development in steel production involves the use of computerized processes. Rather than performing tasks one at a time, manufacturers today rely on computer-based automation.

By adopting automation, factories secure the production of uniform, identical products within each production run. Yet, steel companies also possess the ability to transform a program to create unique, individually tailored items fitting unique customer obligations.

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Customization robotics solution for industrial factories

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Pneumatic Components

PLC Control

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