Engineered Spray

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Engineered Spray

We have experience with spray nozzle engineering, spray nozzle specification, and design. Wald Engineering is on the ability to support you with all of your spraying specifications as we make certain our products applied are of the highest engineering excellence to ensure the best performance and durability. Our engineered spray process solutions in application usage comprise: 



Precision Spray Process

  • Precisely spray the exact amount that you need during coating, moistening & lubrication
  • High viscosity fluids could be spray
  • Spray coverage with minimal waste
  • Uniform coating, variety of configuration & spray pattern
  • Create an ideal header, spray bar, or manifold for your unique spray process
  • Control system for automatic spray
  • Widely used in food processing, lubricating molds, metal parts

Cleaning & Sanitation

  • Highly effective cleaning cycle time
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Static cleaning spray, rotary spray, jet spray
  • Spray nozzles available in plastic, brass, and stainless steel
  • Wide choice of flow rates and spray angles available

Humidification & Cooling

  • Rapidly increasing the air humidity level of large production environments
  • Ideal for dust suppression and to reduce static electricity.
  • Dry fog to maintain a constant degree of humidity, large rooms such as cellars and storage areas
  • Low management costs
  • Avoid wetting of the floors and objects placed under the spraying systems

Spray Drying

  • Create powder products, such as milk, cheese, etc
  • Produce powders with specific particle size and moisture content
  • Food processing products such as instant coffee, pet foods, baby formula

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