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Automated F&B Solutions

Our innovative automated solution and system integration services are invented and constructed for optimum performance – ideal for monotonous manners, such as those seen in the food preparation industry.

The succession of problem-solving techniques and seamlessly desegregated software, electronics, and mechanics allows our commodities to implement enhanced production aptitude and boosted productivity. This surely points to expanded profitability.

Meeting F&B Standards

In the F&B industry, there are strict guidelines that are needed to be obtained. The tools and machinery utilized need to be safe, sterile, and sanitized completely.

With Wald Engineering’s dedicated project administration from the source to conceptualization, assembling upon delivery, and installation, we can construct a bespoke automated solution to suffice the exact requirements of your operations.

Maximizing Your Productivity

Utilizing a blended procedure of lean manufacturing enables us to build innovative solutions for a variety of production processes. With the aforementioned system, we can maximize productivity, reduce errors and enhance efficiencies. Our approach grants us the opportunity to design out any possible teething problems before we deep-dive into production, ensuring the delivery of the system to you is perfect for your application.


Applications Integrated

Customization robotics solution for industrial factories

Manufacturing of industrial conveyors ranging from belt to chain

Deep clean for industrial machinery with hot air, ultrasonic tools

Valued-Added Products


Metal Fabrication

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