Automotive Solutions

The Finest Automotive Industry Automation Manufacturing Solution

We manufacture automation and control solutions for the automotive supply chain with concise compliance and efficiency in the production deployments. WALD Engineering has gained prominence for being able to work a number of obstacles linking to process and assembly lines.

Our Specialization

Meticulous Planning

We plan our executions with extreme care and concern for details.

Completion On Time

We calculate the amount of time required for any particular task with conceptualization to fruition delivery.

Industry 4.0

We integrate with the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, including cyber-physical systems

Perfect Execution

We execute with ethical guidelines to our production

Applications Integrated

Customization robotics solution for industrial factories

Manufacturing of industrial conveyors ranging from belt to chain

Valued-Added Products

PLC Control

Jigs & Fixtures


Metal Fabrication

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